Global, Integrated, Expert International Trade Project Solutions + Professional Support from Prague

Globally Responsive Solutions

  • Similarly, providing 'Responsive Support' for "accredited investors" and others is essential, with continuing comprehensive, personalized investor relations & care throughout the full 'life cycle.'

Exceptional Answers...

... 'Triple Bottom Line' Solutions

in a unified framework, with the full range of TBL / 3BL factors of

  1. Responsible Development
  2. Environmental Sustainability
  3. Financial Sustainability.

Integrated Global Trade Solutions, Advanced International Project Financial Integration,

Senior Management Supervision + Guidance, "Best Practices" Procedural Supports,

FDI / Foreign Direct Investment Supports & Solutions

Leadership Support for Cultural, Philanthropic, Educational, and Humanitarian work,

'Cutting Edge' Global Business Philosophy in Practice

A)  Tesbern Development also offers its clients a different approach to global trade development, based on collegial relations, personal and cultural respect, and mutual success-oriented expert services and advisory work in intensely multi-lingual working teams.

B)  Whereas other expert international trade firms look at global trade and other high value project clients only as high wealth "customers," Tesbern chooses extremely carefully which global projects that it accepts - as selection implies a certain level of 'endorsement,' (intended or otherwise) from a perspective of ethics and of "corporate responsibility." Ultimately, it is believed, that ethics and corporate responsibility must not be separated from business.

C)  Having superlative international expert resources available -on call- to support fine clients, Tesbern seeks only to work on the highest quality, responsible and prestige projects where the quality of its global resources, both human and other, can be applied to get the results desired by the respected and 'valued' client in a balanced and mutually respectful and supporting 'teaming' environment.

D)  "Success" in this work creates important Returns On Investment, individual and shared Stakeholder Satisfaction, it often substantially increases exports and profitability for participants and their communities, it is especially beneficial to SMEs, and it creates valued employment opportunities at many levels and for many skills (...which is another way to say that it creates "good jobs") .

E)  Special internationally located and active expert resources are available to support unusual global projects based on multi-nation originating teams of SME based international projects in 3rd countries. Complex, multi-lingual, multi-technology projects and integrations, -often for state-of-the-art installations and operations 'on the far side' of the planet, with new, emerging, cutting edge and smart technologies are typical.


Historically, but fortunately, not any longer, however...

Historically, in International Trade and Development projects & programs, only the largest multinational corporations in the world knew 1) 'how to tap' such valuable, diverse governmental, inter-governmental & non-governmental resources, and then  2) how to creatively fully integrate them - thereby effectively & safely leveraging global financial instruments, while reducing capital needs, and ultimately simplifying and lowering the costs of finance, by synergistically inter-linking existing tools, reserves, and other international resources - across complex, remote projects: themselves, based on using globally 'sourced' materials and expertise.

...but, fortunately, this 'expertise-in-depth' and the techniques are now available to international teams of firms of nearly any size, and SMEs, too .

Internationally Accepted "Best Practices" as the agreed "Entry Level" Standard

Ethical, Transparency Focused

'Seasoned' & Effective

'Executive Leadership' Guidance

Based on decades of worldwide, expert, discrete, teaming & advisory experience

Integrating Cross Border Financial Solutions for Smart Tech Green Export-Import Development & Trade

Integrated Support for SMEs, Smart Tech + Ecologically Oriented Companies @

21st Century Global Trade increasingly includes 'cutting edge' SMEs, Smart Tech & Ecologically Oriented professional suppliers which ultimately want & need to work together, participating in valuable 'far away' opportunities. Typically these become complex deal structures for projects in 3rd countries. Tesbern can provide multi nation originating SME teams with neutral, seniior expert guidance that such projects + programs need, ultimately seriously enhancing chances for success & sustainability.


Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

Smart Global Expert Supplier Teams + Global Support...

= Local Success + Responsible Local Growth

= Responsive to All Stakeholders

  • Ethically responsible,
  • Ecologically sound,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Community oriented,
  • Responsible growth,
  • Respectful of local traditions, cultures and multicultural sensitivities,
  • In Tune and In Touch with Local Development Needs

New and Timely 'Out of the Box' Solutions based on Proven "Best Practices"

Timely, 'Out of the Box' Innovative Solutions for International Trade @

  • Timely 'Out of the Box' Solutions are needing to be done, and often 'in record time,' with new combinations of smart technology and ecologically responsibly oriented firms, often teaming together from multiple and distant countries.
  • Their joint projects are increasingly frequently based on 'ad hoc' groups of suppliers, which have never worked together before.

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